About Us


Reelax Media Is A Boutique Creative Studio Dedicated To Amplify And Carry The Message Of Our Clients To Their Audiences In Different Platforms. Our Main Tool Is The Use Of Video But We Also Rely On Graphic Design, Web, App Development And Social Media Strategies To Achieve Our Goals Through A Deep Understanding Of Our Clients Needs And Their Audience Expectations. At Reelax Media We Match Our Clients Ideas And Proposals With Their Audiences Expectations And Needs.

we are the generation of new ideas and concepts, and new partnerships between ideas and known concepts, producing original solutions. at reelax media we are looking forward to provide an ideal environment to make your life easier in order to get your ideas to work and grow. as producers, we believe that grouping the creative services in one facility will help our creativity to be spontaneous and without limits

think, reelax, enjoy. this is our philosophy, its about making it simple for you. been creative doesn’t have to be a torture, it should be a process to discover what your brand stands for, what your message is, so bring your concerns and ideas to us, then, reelax with us and enjoy the results


Executive Producer/Partner

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CR. +506 6100-1607 | US. +1 (310) 382-2262