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film production services Costa Rica

Our philosophy is think, reelax and enjoy. This means you envision what you need, we do everything needed to achieve your vision, and then you enjoy your vision coming to life.

We provide services in 3 key areas, visual and branding, consulting services on creative processes and outsourcing of post production services.
One of the key advantages of choosing Reelax Media is our nearshore teams. Being based in Costa Rica allows us to provide quick turnarounds that align with your time zone, ensuring efficient communication and project management. Our proximity enables us to meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations, making us the ideal choice for Film Production Services in Costa Rica.
Visual and Branding

As part of our visual and branding services we provide a wide range of individual services to support our clients needs.

This individual services include key areas as video production, graphic design and web design.

Video production
Brand Identity
Web design
Graphic Design

Post Production

We provide postproduction services to our clients in motion graphics, 2D animation, video editing, and dubbing services.

We provide support on small and big scale projects. We can take on big volume projects quickly scaling up support to our customers.

Video editing
Motion Graphics
2D Animation
Dubbing and Localization

Creative Consulting

Our consulting services center on supporting clients that have existing teams and process that need  realignment to achieve efficiency and  creative objectives. 

We evaluate the client processes and current needs to provide them with solutions by redesigning existing processes to make them more efficient and straightforward keeping in mind the creative side of the project. 

At Reelax Media our job is to provide you the best solution to your product and company. We work with professionals in the visual arts dedicated to share your message, check some of our work in tv, web and graphic design. We are sure you will like it, we are confident soon we will share your job to others here to see.

Choose Costa Rica as your ideal filming location. With its stunning landscapes, diverse settings, and favorable production environment, Costa Rica offers unique opportunities for filmmakers. At Reelax Media, we understand the potential of this captivating country, and we are ready to assist you in making the most of your filming experience.