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Reelax Media is a boutique studio based in Costa Rica focused on Film Production, Video, Web and Graphic Design, for instance provide our clients with tailored solutions to improve their content for internal and external purposes. We provide film production services.

We are a Production Company and Fixer Services in Costa Rica.

Reelax Media is a boutique creative studio dedicated to develop and carry the message of our clients to their audiences in different platforms.

Our main tool is the use of video but we also rely on graphic design, web development and social media strategies to achieve our goals through a deep understanding of our clients needs and their audience expectations.

We match our clients ideas and proposals with their audiences expectations and needs.

Film Services Costa Rica

After all, we are the generation of new ideas and concepts, and new partnerships between ideas and known concepts therefore producing original solutions.

We are looking forward to provide an ideal environment to make your life easier in order to get your ideas to work and grow. as producers, we believe that grouping the creative services in one facility will help our creativity to be spontaneous and without limits

Film production in Costa Rica.

Think, Reelax, Enjoy this is our philosophy. It’s about making it simple for you. Bring your concerns and ideas to us, then, reelax with us and enjoy the results.

We service Costa rica production, event companies. We service film in central america, costa rica, panama, dominican republic and puerto rico.

Our services include:

  • film production services costa rica
  • film production companies costa rica
  • film services costa rica
  • feature films
  • tv commercials
  • video production
  • high low budget
  • photoshoots
  • casting
  • location services
  • scouting services
  • film commission permitting
  • video equipment rentals
  • educational video
  • english-spanish translations
  • broadcast rental
  • projector rental
  • camera rental
  • photography
  • corporate video
  • nature video
  • documentary
  • tv commercials
  • video editing
Reelax Media - Film Production Services Costa Rica
film production servicesfilm production services



We provide Film Support for:

  • Tropical Jungle
  • Beach
  • Waterfalls
  • Rain Forest