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Costa Rica, Panama,
Central America
and the Caribbean

Welcome to our premier production services hub spanning across the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica, Panama, Central America, and the Caribbean. Powered by our extensive network of top-tier producers, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project we undertake.

From captivating feature films to exhilarating reality shows, and from captivating TV commercials to stunning fashion and editorial photoshoots, our team has navigated the diverse realms of the industry with finesse. This rich tapestry of experience equips us to deliver unparalleled service in an inherently demanding field.

Drawing upon our intimate knowledge of the region, we excel in catering to projects of every scale and budget. Our commitment to cost consciousness and resource efficiency ensures that your vision is brought to life without compromising on quality.

Partnering with a vast network of providers, we guarantee access to the best rates, enabling you to maximize the value of your investment. Experience excellence in production services with us, where innovation meets efficiency, and creativity knows no bounds.

We provide
tailored services
for your production needs.

Exuberant possibilities!

Discover a vibrant array of destinations awaiting our client in this enchanting region. From the verdant depths of rainforest jungles to the dynamic pulse of cosmopolitan cities, our countries boast an expansive variety of locales.

Explore a captivating tapestry of scenery, from the serenity of breathtaking beaches to the majesty of cascading waterfalls, all nestled within the diverse landscapes of our region.

We provide production services for these main areas of work.

Our service areas

  • Feature Films/Long Format Content
  • TV Commercials
  • Photoshoots
  • Corporate Video

Our Services Offer

We offer a full production service that includes the following services.

Planning & Budgeting

We offer planning and budgeting services for all type of productions. Our contacts in the industry enable us to give our clients the best rates possible for every need.


Location Management & Permitting

We offer stunning locations suited for your needs. We work all over our countries which give us access to wonderful locations. Our service includes location permitting and release.


Crew Sourcing

We only work with the best professionals in the industry to ensure you always get the best service possible on every position and department. Our crews are very experienced and work at the highest international standards. They have hundreds of production services under their belts and it shows.


Equipment Rentals

We have access to modern equipment for lighting and camera rentals. Our excellent relationships with our vendors ensures that you always get a fair price for every rental needed.


Transportation & Accommodations

We are always building relationships with hotels and transportation companies. This gives us access to new locations and also flexibility on rates for your groups.


Our advantages

Our region offers the following:
  • Tax rebates for projects above USD $500K in Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.
  • Short travel times from North America
  • Closer Time Zones to cities like Los Angeles and New York
  • Experienced English speaking crew. All our department heads speak fluent English and almost the rest of the crew does.
  • Non-union crews.
  • 12 hrs of daylight year round.
  • 2 Summer seasons per year, one for the Central and Pacific regions and one for the Caribbean region.
  • Hundreds of well pristine wild locations, from jungles to waterfalls with easy access.
  • Strong conservation culture that guarantees stunning wildlife and locations.
  • Only 2 seasons, dry (summer) and rainy.
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